Weekend Open Forum: Should we be worried about robots taking human jobs?

It’s been estimated that over a 3rd of all jobs might be misplaced via automation from robots and synthetic intelligences over the following 20 years. As know-how advances and machines get smarter and cheaper, ought to we be worried about the human value?

Due to tech corresponding to food-delivering robots, self-driving automobiles and tractors, and superior AI, an ever-increasing variety of professions, together with those who had been beforehand thought to be protected from automation, now seem to be in danger – although staff with decrease ranges of schooling are those most definitely to be changed by machines.

Invoice Gates thinks taxing the businesses that make the robots is the very best resolution. With the cash going towards retraining employees for jobs that require human empathy and understanding.

What’s your opinion on the scenario? Should companies creating these applied sciences do extra to assist the employees which are being changed? Is automation, certainly not a brand new factor, a part of the inevitable development of humanity? Or will this result in a Skynet-style overlord AI that turns us all into dwelling batteries? No matter your ideas, do tell us.

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