The first computer worm to target mobile phones affected handheld devices running what OS? Trivia

Found by Kaspersky in June 2004 and purportedly nicknamed after worker Elena Kabirova, the Cabir worm was designed to target Collection 60 Nokia phones running SymbianOS and it used the handset’s Bluetooth connectivity to ship itself to all Bluetooth-enabled devices (together with these not running Symbian, equivalent to desktops or printers).

Also referred to as Caribe, SybmOS/Cabir, and different names, the malware required somebody to settle for it as a file switch and in some cases it will hold displaying prompts till you have been pressured to agree.

Luckily, the worm wasn’t launched into the wild and was as an alternative despatched to antivirus corporations who concluded that it appeared innocent in its present state and was created a gaggle of hackers referred to as 29A as a proof of idea for consideration.

Later, a Cabir variant referred to as Mabir emerged with the power to unfold over Bluetooth in addition to MMS by sending a .sis file over mobile networks.

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