Mozilla Firefox originally launched under what name? Trivia

Following the discharge of Netscape’s supply code in March 1998, the Mozilla undertaking launched its first main browser revision in June 2002 as Mozilla Only some months later in September, the browser’s title was modified to “Phoenix” for example that Mozilla’s new browser was rising out of the ashes of Netscape Navigator, although that new title was dropped in April 2003 following a trademark dispute with BIOS-maker Phoenix Applied sciences, which had already developed equally named a BIOS-based browser referred to as Phoenix FirstWare Join.

Mozilla renamed its browser from Phoenix to Firebird in April 2003, although that title was additionally short-lived due to a branding conflicts with the Firebird database server, which in the end pressured Mozilla into arising with yet one more title. Firefox was chosen in February 2004 and the primary model was launched in November of the identical yr.

Mozilla Thunderbird was additionally renamed at one level, launching as “Minotaur” across the similar time as Phoenix emerged in 2002, although the unique mail shopper proved unpopular and took on the Thunderbird moniker in July 2003 after the undertaking was revived with a brand new toolkit.

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