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[Guide] Set the HDD to turn off after idle in Windows 10

There may be an choice that permits you to set the HDD to turn off after idle in Windows 10. This implies the exhausting drives are robotically turned off after a user-defined interval of inactivity.

This could be a helpful characteristic for saving energy, particularly for laptops geared up with a tough disk but additionally for desktops.

How to set the HDD to turn off after idle in Windows 10

The choice we’re speaking about known as “Turn off exhausting disk after” is accessible in your present energy plan’s energy administration choices.

Relying on the energy plan, it could be enabled or disabled by default. For instance, in the Efficiency energy plan, the choice is disabled however enabled in the Energy Saver and Balanced energy profiles.

With “Turn off exhausting disk after” enabled, the HDD will likely be turned off whereas your PC is idle after the set time frame. Subsequent time your laptop wants to entry the drive, it’d take a number of seconds for it to begin working.

Hold in thoughts this selection is particularly designed for HDDs and doesn’t do something for stable state drives which don’t have any spinning components.

With that stated, right here’s how to turn off the HDD after idle in Windows 10.

Go to Settings -> System -> Energy & Sleep. Scroll down a bit and click on on “Extra energy settings”.

This can open the Energy Choices in Management Panel. Click on on ‘Change plan settings’ in your present energy plan.

To proceed, click on on ‘Modified superior energy settings”.

In the Superior Energy Choices dialog, broaden the Exhausting disk group and you’ll find the choice referred to as “Turn off exhausting disk after”. Develop it as nicely.

The default worth of the choice (when enabled) is 20 minutes however you’ll be able to regulate it by clicking on the arrows subsequent to it o by typing the new worth instantly. As you’ll be able to see, you’ll be able to set separate values for when your PC is on battery or plugged in.

When you can decrease the idle interval to lower than 20 minutes this isn’t beneficial. Forcing your HDD to turn off and on too typically can put on it out sooner.

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