Before approaching Apple, iPod creator Tony Fadell had his idea rejected by these two companies… Trivia

In late 2000, Tony Fadell approached RealNetworks with the idea of constructing a premium MP3 participant, one which was sleeker than current designs and backed by a streamlined content-delivery system. Clearly RealNetworks declined the supply, seeing little room for a private music gadget in its portfolio.

Fadell additionally mentioned the enterprise idea with Phillips with no success earlier than speaking to Apple, which beloved the idea contemplating solely months prior it had bought music supply service Soundjam MP, maybe higher acknowledged as iTunes at this time.

The unique iPod hit retailer cabinets on November 10, 2001 and by December 31 the corporate offered 125,000 of the units. At the moment, the iPod has seen over a dozen iterations and Apple has offered greater than 390 million items of them.

Additionally of word, RealNetworks is thought to have rejected Valve’s request for constructing a sport shopper like Steam earlier than the sport developer wound up taking up the undertaking itself (ouch x2).

Fadell’s title could also be extra recognizable at this time as being the co-founder of house automation firm Nest Labs.

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